Josh Simon (jss1113) wrote in sysadminguild,
Josh Simon

SAGE Programs Manager Strata Chalup Resigns

Alva Couch (Secretary and Chair of SAGE Subcommittee, USENIX Board of Directors) writes to the sage-members mailing list:
Strata Rose Chalup has recently announced that she will be moving on from being SAGE Programs Manager. We wish her well in her new endeavors, and will miss her guidance, wisdom, and concern for the profession.

The USENIX Board of Directors passed a motion thanking Strata for her service to USENIX, SAGE, and the profession.

Meanwhile, Strata leaves SAGE in a very strong state. At this time, SAGE activities will be managed by Jane-Ellen Long, IS & Production Director for USENIX and SAGE, with more than a little help from Tony Del Porto, Senior Sysadmin for USENIX and SAGE, and oversight and guidance from Alva Couch and the other members of the SAGE subcommittee of the USENIX Board of Directors.

Thanks, Strata, for your significant contributions to SAGE. We appreciate your vision and commitment, and the future looks clear because of your efforts.

Alva L. Couch
Secretary and Chair of SAGE Subcommittee, USENIX Board of Directors
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